New - drop in clinic

In partnership with Carol from the Carers Trust, Hope Farm Medical Centre are facilitating a drop-in clinic for anyone who is caring for someone, being cared for or would like any help, support or information on how the practice and the Carers Trust can support those in a caring role. More information is available in this PDF document.

Who is a carer?

 A Carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help. This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems. Carers may even be juggling paid work with their unpaid caring responsibilities at home. The term 'carer' should not be confused with a care worker, or care assistant, who receives payment for looking after someone.

If you are a Carer the practice can refer you to the Cheshire & Warrington Carers Trust who may be able to help make things easier for you. They deliver a wide range of local support services to meet the needs of Carers in your community. These range from support services catered to the Carer, the needs of the person you care for and the services provided by other organisations.

Carers have different needs and Cheshire & Warrington Carers Trust can assist you in information regarding health issues, entitlements, mobility, grants for holidays, equipment and support.  They also offer a wide range of activities, training and events for Carers throughout the year across Cheshire.

Does your GP practice know you’re a carer and why is it important for them to know?

GP surgeries in Cheshire record the names of carers. This information helps your surgery to:

Help and support your practice will be able to give you includes:

Contact Adult Social Care

Cheshire West: 0300 123 8123

How do I let my GP surgery know I am a Carer?

Simply complete the form ‘Does your GP surgery know you are a carer?’ which can be downloaded from this website or paper copies are available at the Practice from the Patient Services Team. Please hand or post the completed forms to the practice. The practice will make a note on your medical records and (where applicable on the records of the person you care for), that you are a Carer. If you would like your details to be forwarded to Cheshire & Warrington Carers Centre, please also sign the bottom of this form. The Centre will send you information such as regular newsletter, how to register for a Carers Emergency Card and help access grants and funds. They will inform you of any events happening in your area.

Who can I speak to at the practice about my caring role?

You can speak to any member of the Patient Services Team in confidence for more information on being a carer and the support available to you as a carer but also the person you are caring for.

Carer Links

Within the practice we have three Carer Links (Maggie, Angela and Amanda) who help to identify and support carers within the practice and ensure you are able to receive a range of support.

Are you a young carer?

A young carer is a child or young person living with a parent or sibling with a disability and/or illness such as: Mental ill health, Substance misuse, Physical illness. This can impact on the young carer’s development, health and well-being.

Support for young carers is available through Cheshire Young Carers through a variety of mechanisms.

Responding to the individual’s needs

Young Carer's Needs Assessment: every young person and their family have a ‘needs assessment’ carried out during the referral process. CYC provides assessment with the whole family in mind and promotes Team around the Family and Common Assessment Framework. This ensures cross sector/services continuity when assessing a family’s needs and also preventing families duplicating information to other services.

Improving the emotional health and wellbeing of young carers

Weekly Health and Well-Being Groups: Weekly groups focus on all aspects of health and well-being. Including emotional health and wellbeing, self-esteem, confidence, building resilience and physical health including diet, exercise and relaxation techniques.

Young Carers Mentoring Programme: The mentor programme is for children and young people who require one to one support with a focus on building resilience, coping mechanisms for daily life and help identifying specific areas of difficulty.

Improving educational attendance and performance

‘CYC Education Support Programme for young carers©’

Cheshire Young Carers provide a comprehensive support programme for primary and secondary academies, schools and colleges in order to raise awareness and promote the early identification of young carers in education. Cheshire Young Carers works collaboratively with its education centre partners to improve attendance, achievement and the overall educational experiences for young carers.

Holidays and residential

Going to the beach and ice skating are amongst some of the young carers favourite trips. These activities are chosen by young carers through consultation and are activities that they would not ordinarily get to do.

Cheshire Young Carers also work with private sector partners such as M&S Bank to provide outward bound residential trips to provide the young carers with an opportunity to participate in new experiences and learn new skills for life.

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